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His Majesty Meerkat  by  Maurice Bird

His Majesty Meerkat by Maurice Bird
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His Majesty Meerkat is the story of a young life living amongst the dangers of Africa. It tells how Molzee, a common but adventurous meerkat, wanders into the lions domain and mistakenly reappears as the King of all Beasts. Fraught with danger the young animal sticks to his task of ruling a superior species and, although he is wanted dead by one member of the lion family he has the knowledge that a password will keep him safe, at least for the time being. This book reveals the many tasks he undertakes and how he eventually wins the respect of every animal in the country.

Not only does he prove to be an excellent King but he achieves his aim of leading his subjects to a promised land of safety and plentiful. Wherever the human goes, be it in Wildlife parks, Zoos or in the wild itself, the meerkat creates a lots of interest. After reading the adventures of Molzee there is no doubt that the meerkat will become even more popular.

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