Crime Stories - A Mystery Thriller Collection J.A. Konrath


Published: December 14th 2010


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Crime Stories - A Mystery Thriller Collection  by  J.A. Konrath

Crime Stories - A Mystery Thriller Collection by J.A. Konrath
December 14th 2010 | Nook | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, RTF | 0 pages | ISBN: | 10.33 Mb

This collection features twenty short stories from humorous thriller writer J.A. Konrath. Included are a few hardboiled tales, some noir, some parody and satire, a few straight-out comedy pieces, and a few stories that didnt fit into Konraths other two collections, Horror Stories and Jack Daniels Stories.The twenty stories include:The Big Guys - Flash fiction, winner of the Derringer Award.A Fistful of Cozy - A satire of the mystery cozy genre.Cleansing - An ancient crime of biblical proportions.Lying Eyes - Solve it yourself, given the clues.Perfect Plan - Another solve it yourself.

Dont you remember One Minute Mysteries and Encyclopedia Brown?Piece of Cake - Another solve it yourself, originally featured in Womans World.Animal Attraction - Solve it yourself.Urgent Reply Needed - A cautionary tale about dealing with spammers.Blaine’s Deal - A parody of hardboiled noir.Light Drizzle - A light-hearted send-up of hitman stories.An Archaeologist’s Story - How digging up old bones leads to fresh corpses.Don’t Press That Button!

- An essay about the gadgets in the James Bond universe, and which you need to buy.Piranha Pool - A writer seeking criticism pays the ultimate price.A Newbie’s Guide to Thrillerfest - Never been to a mystery conference? Heres the in-depth dirt.Inspector Oxnard - Hes either brilliant, or too stupid to breathe.One Night Only - A sports fan ends up in jail, all for the love of the game.Could Stephanie Plum Car Really Get Car Insurance? - An essay about Janet Evanovichs famous character.Cozy or Hardboiled?

- Take the test to find out which type of book youre reading.Addiction - Whats the worst drug you can get hung up on?Weigh To Go - A humor column about health clubs.Specially formatted for Nook with an interactive table of contents, this ebook also includes excerpts from Whiskey Sour by J.A. Konrath, and Disturb by J.A. Konrath.

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