BWWM: Im Pregnant with a Cowboy Sarah McDougal



Kindle Edition

16 pages


BWWM: Im Pregnant with a Cowboy  by  Sarah McDougal

BWWM: Im Pregnant with a Cowboy by Sarah McDougal
| Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, AUDIO, mp3, RTF | 16 pages | ISBN: | 4.67 Mb

BWWM - Im Pregnant With a Cowboy...* * * * You Wont Believe What Happens in this Unbelievable Story! * * * *Roger isn’t like the others in his town. He doesn’t agree with killing people, based on the color of their skin.He doesn’t find happiness in victory- in fact he is everything that his brother isn’t.

All Roger really wants, is a quiet life. He dreams of having a family and a wife, of having a simple job that doesn’t require him to kill. He knows that it’s just a dream though.Lilly has lived her entire life believing that she is inferior.

She knows that if the white men ever find her, then she will be killed. She and her tribe have been moving around for years. Never settling in one spot for more than a few nights, it was a lonely but safe life.Then their two worlds collide. Roger and his brother’s crew, find their settlement.

Blood is shed and hearts are torn out. Roger falls for Lilly instantly and knows that he has to do something, to stop his brother from killing her. He creates a story that ensures her safe travel back to their town. Then as he sends his brother off on a wild goose chase, he realizes that if he wants Lilly to live, then they are both going to have to run.As Roger considers this plan, he realizes that he will have to give up everything he has ever known. He knows his brother, will never stop chasing them. He knows that his quiet little life will never be the same again. So he makes his choice but what will it be?Purchase This Amazing Book Now For a Limited Time Special Price!Tags: BWWM, BWWM Interracial Romance , BWWM Paranormal , BWWM Romance, Interracial Romance, Black Man White Woman

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